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You are welcome on the SILA Limited Liability Company's website! We are located in Stara Moravica (North-Serbia), 50 km from the Hungarian border. Our company was established in 1960. We are engaged in production of different kind of chains since 1963. Since 1978 we started to produce metal and plastic household wares and equipment. In 1996 we begin to manufacture plastic pails, especially to supply paint and lacquer producer companies. Presently the company is 100% privately owned, as concerning process began in 1990.


Nowadays, SILA Limited Liability Company is one of the leading general-used chain manufacturer companies in Europe, due to our quality production, high quality surface treatment system and the wide range of our products. In the field of the plastic pail production we are also among the leading manufacturers in Serbia, moreover we are one of the few companies in North-Serbia (Vojvodina), which does different kind of surface treatment for metal products. Our partners give proof of our efficiency and high (EU standard) quality production.


Bela Mehes, Jr.


24340 Stara Moravica, Pačirski put 67, Srbija
PIB: 101444473
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Tel.: (+381) 24-224-240
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