„Establishing more workplaces at our company is one of our missions, in order to raise the standard of living in our community. By the way, our company takes part regularly in the local events and we support all those events and organizations, which aim is to improve the community and social life in our settlement.” - Mission of SILA Limited Liability Company


In order to realize our mission, first we took part in Vintage days, Stara Moravica in 2012.


In the past years we supported:

  • „Ady Endre” Cultural Association, Stara Moravica
  • „Alex” Asylum for dogs, Subotica,  http://azilalex.weebly.com/index.html
  • "Dózsa György" Cultural Association, Bajmok
  • „Fácán” Association of Hunters, Stara Moravica
  • „Fácán” Association of Hunters, Pačir
  • Local Council of Stara Moravica, http://www.staramoravica.com/
  • Local Council of Pačir, http://www.pacir.rs/
  • "Id. Kovács Gyula" Primary School, Stara Moravica
  • "Méhecske" Association of Beekeepers, Stara Moravica
  • "Moša Pijade" Primary School, Pačir
  • "Otthon" Institute for people with learning and mentally disabilities, Stara Moravica
  • Voluntary Fire Brigade, Stara Moravica
  • Organization of Youth of Pačir
  • „Pap Pal” Scout Team, Stara Moravica
  • "Rizling" Association of Viners
  • „Tango” Dance Club, Backa Topola
  • „Sloboda” Sport Club, Stara Moravica
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